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Two minutes walk from Hampstead Station sits a cosy church on a hill, close to the wondrous Hampstead Heath.
Live music is celebrated both in services of worship (every Sunday at 11am) and in concerts (every Tuesday at 1pm, and more)

10 Jul
6:00 pm

Istante Collective: Printed Things Played Shapes

As part of our long-term project of rescuing music by lesser-known composers (who are often overshadowed by ‘the famous ones’) as well as re-arranging better known music for our little group. Expect operatic aria, show-off concertos and classical music presented in a digestible form.

Nicola Barbagli - oboe

Inga Maria Klaucke - bassoon

Beatrice Scaldini - violin

Christiane Eidsten Dahl - violin

Oliver Wilson - viola

Johan Lofving - guitar

Alex Rolton - cello

John-Henry Baker - double bass

13 Jul
7:30 pm

La Vaghezza: Sculpting the Fabric

The music in this programme shapes a portrait of colours and atmospheres found in the early 1600s in Italy. It is a music of originality, unpredictability, extravagance, experimentation, and great freedom - qualities held dear by La Vaghezza. We have included several of the most influential composers of the period, while also seeking to highlight repertoire that has not been widely played. The musical forms chosen (sonate, balli, etc) aim to provide an overview of the musical landscape of the time.